Saris 142x12 Standard Thru Axle Adapter Kit - Turbo Trainer Hire

Saris 142x12 Standard Thru Axle Adapter Kit

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Fits most 142x12mm thru axle bikes with 1.0 or 1.75 thread pitch.

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  • Thru axle
  • Washers
  • Endcaps with bolts

Trainer Compatibility

The Saris Trainer Thru Axle Adapter is designed for indoor use on Saris or CycleOps trainers only and should not be ridden outdoors. Compatible with current basic trainers. Not compatible with CycleOps PowerSync trainers. Contact us with trainer compatibility questions.

Bike Compatibility

Many bike manufacturers do not publish thread pitch or hub spacing online. If you are unclear as to what type of thru axle your bike uses, please just ask us on 

Please note- CycleOps and Saris are the same. CycleOps rebranded to Saris in 2020