Ex-Demo Turbo Trainer Grading Terms

 We categorise our Ex-Demo Turbo Trainer in grades, from A to D.  This is based on the condition of the Turbo Trainer and will not affect the overall performance of the Turbo Trainer in the water. The grading conditions are non-negotiable and by purchasing an Ex-Demo Turbo Trainer you are agreeing to the grading terms highlighted below:

Grade A 

New with damaged packaging / like new or almost as good as new. The original packaging is likely to be slightly damaged. The Turbo Trainer may have been used for activities such as sizing & visual demo’s or may just have lost the box. The Turbo Trainer will be in perfect condition with no large nicks or damage from use. Extremely small marks may be present on the Turbo Trainer but there will not be any human-made damage to the Turbo Trainer for it to be considered an A Grade Turbo Trainer.

Grade B

 Likely to have been used once or twice for hires. The original packaging is likely to be slightly damaged. A grade B Turbo Trainer will have the odd mark, nick or possible slight cosmetic marks/damage, as well as aspects of Grade A. Grade B Turbo Trainer will still perform perfectly. Grade B Turbo Trainers may have been also used in test/hire situations so may have slight wear to them but very low levels.

Grade C

 The original packaging is likely to be damaged. Grade C Turbo Trainer are perfectly usable and will not have any performance-related shortcomings. Simply the aesthetic and the condition of the Turbo Trainer will vary to that of a brand new, unused Turbo Trainer.

Grade D

Likely to not be delivered in its original packaging. Will have been used for hire. Grade D Turbo Trainer will have larger or more frequent marks than those suits listed as Grade C. The Grade D Turbo Trainer will perform perfectly however it will come with some aesthetic damage. 


Refunds are not accepted on Ex-Demo products.

Discount codes cannot be used with Ex-Demo products.

Ex-Demo Turbo Trainer are not covered by Turbo Trainer Hire Warranty Policy.