Turbo Trainer tyres; do I need one? which do you recommend?

Do I need a turbo specific tyre? What does it do or stop from happening?

Specific turbo trainer tyres use special compounds designed to stop the tyre overheating and make it last longer.

The constant friction between the roller and the tyre will generate a lot more heat than you would ever get in a normal road cycling situation. As a result standard road bike tyres will quickly start to overheat and will then wear very quickly. We have seen people destroy normal road cycling tyres within a few weeks when using them on a turbo trainer..


Specific turbo training tyres also have a smoother surface so that you get a better connection to the trainer and can use your power more efficiently.

As you don’t need to worry about grip in corners or damp road surfaces on a turbo trainer the turbo trainer specific tyres can do away with any surface features. This does mean that turbo trainer specific tyres can’t be used outside, one of the reasons why they are normally a bright colour. If you are going to be using your bike inside and outside during the winter it makes sense to invest in a cheap spare wheel so you are not constantly having to change tyres and pump them up.

Which do you recommend?
The turbo trainer specific tyres that we recommend are the ones from Saris, Continental and Schwalbe. Depending which size you require depends which brand.



 What sizes are the turbo training specific tyres?

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