Turbo trainer problems! Fed up of waiting for your turbo trainer to be repaired...

Have you just sent your turbo trainer off to be repaired and not sure how long it will take? Hiring is a great option.

 A common reason for hiring a turbo trainer is hiring for a few weeks whilst your trainer has been sent off to be fixed with the manufacturer. 

We understand that you may not know how long exactly it's going to take to fix your trainer as you are waiting for customer services to let you know! Here at Turbo Trainer Hire, we are happy for you to hire for 1 week as a starter and then add a 1 week hire at time.  We can flexible with you and help keep your training on plan.

From our experience we often find it is direct drive turbo trainers that take the longest time to resolve issues with manufacturers. Don't worry, we have a range of reliable direct drive trainers in our range available to hire (subject to availability at the time) - so you can be confident you can keep your training up!

If you have any questions about our turbo trainers or how the hire works then just get in touch on hello@turbotrainerhire.co.uk

Sporting Regards

The Turbo Trainer Hire Team