Exciting new product launches- THANK YOU to our customers!

Wow, what a last three or so months it has been! 1 year ago, if someone had said to me, “you can’t go to the pub as they will be closed”, “the shops will have sold out of toilet roll” and “everyone will be working from home”, then I would have said you were having a giraffe!

Luckily, Turbo Trainer Hire have stayed open throughout this whirlwind time and to be honest, our sales have rocketed because it seems like it’s never been a better time to exercise indoors and work on our fitness levels! I suppose we haven’t really had anything else to do have we!?

We are beyond grateful to have been able to stay open and it’s given us great thinking time with regards to bettering our service and where we are to go next with Turbo Trainer Hire….

With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding our product range and introducing some new brothers and sisters to the mix to enhance and compliment your turbo trainer hire! We are over the moon to be able to expand our product range and it's all down to you, our loyal customers, so thank you to those who have been on board our movement so far!

Our little business is growing, which is such a HUGE (and a little bit of a scary) step for us but, we couldn't be happier for this move and we feel it’s come at a perfect time!

Launching right in time for summer it's never been a better time to think about taking your training to the next level or adding some adventure fun to your summer family staycation and we feel our various new products will be a great match for you! We are expanding our hire to not just a wide range of Turbo Trainers, from today, you can now hire Power Meters, Bike Racks AND Trailers perfect for kids. Whether you are looking for that new gadget to monitor and improve your performance on the bike or looking for a sturdy solution to transporting your bikes from A-B, Turbo Trainer Hire can help!

So what are we launching I hear you say!?

Power Meter Pedals

Been enjoying your turbo trainer but now looking for your next gadget to take your training to the next level?

Get an in-depth understanding of your performance, with the PowerTap Quarq P2 Dual Sided Power Meter Pedals. Building on the original P1 pedals, this version is extremely light at just 398 grams per pair, with a 20% improved battery life - now 80 hours. The dual-sided measurement is highly accurate; to within +/- 1.5% of your true wattage, and you gain access to Advanced Pedal Metrics when the P2's are paired with the mobile app via Bluetooth. It’s as easy as that!

With a construction that is resistant to the elements, these pedals will enhance your training year-round and offer top durability and reliability.



Bike Roof Racks

Going away for your annual holiday? Or recently booked a staycation for the family? Transporting your family bikes can be one of the most daunting tasks. Trying to figure out how and where they will all fit.

Will the bikes be secure enough?

Will we have that dreaded moment everyone fears when driving down the motorway of a lost bike?

It can also get quite expensive to buy high quality travel bags or boxes, so why not try before you buy and use our bike transportation hire service? Our Saris Bones 3-Bike Rack hire is compatible with most vehicles and can carry 3 bikes. Built with 100% recyclable materials, it’s the strongest frame on the market and is very light weight, weighing in at a perfect weight of 9 lbs, lighter than some babies!



 Kids Bike Trailers

With the staycations ever growing, it’s never been a better time to book that adventure trip you’ve been wanting to take the kids on and I am sure there will be a time when the little ones are exhausted so hiring a trailer from us would be an ideal solution to rest those little legs. Which is why at Turbo Trainer Hire, we wanted to come up with a solution that was inclusive for all family members. Bringing the practical aspect to adventure staycations but with a hell of a lot of fun!

Our Burley trailers provide a safe, comfortable ride around the forest.  With tinted windows, non-absorbent covers and seat padding, the trailer is a great option for children from 9 months to 5 years. The design is easily wiped down for cleaning and dries quickly so no need to worry about getting caught in that dreaded rain if it comes!

Burley Kids Bike Trailer Hire



Again, expanding our products would not have been able to happen if it wasn’t for our loyal customers who are on board with our mission and who are shouting about us to friends, family, colleagues and more! We are so passionate about the products we have on offer to hire and will continue to grow, expand and move with the times! No one ever predicted the start of this year so who knows what’s next!?

We would love for you to check out our product range and we hope to see some orders being placed over at https://turbotrainerhire.co.uk/


As always, if you have any questions or want to get in touch direct, give us a shout on hello@turbotrainerhire.co.uk, we love to hear from you as well so keep those stories and pictures coming in guys!



Sporting Regards,

Turbo Trainer Team

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