Cycling and regular exercise is a great way to keep our minds positive

At this stage of lockdown, even the best of us are starting to feel the effects of cabin fever. It is so SO important that you need to look after your mental health. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for anyone and even more so if you lead an active lifestyle. With the lockdown and restrictions easing even more, some people will be anxious, worried and scared. We’ve been at home for so long now with the word “lockdown” drilled into us, we need to be able to adapt to what the new normal looks like. We need to keep our physical and mental health positive and here are some steps you can take, while upping your cycling game of course!

Get out on your bike
At the start of lockdown we were restricted to the amount of exercise we could do  however this has now eased and we are able to have some more freedom so it’s the perfect time to dust off your bikes and get out in the fresh air. Time yourself every time you head out and give yourself a goal to focus on, always aim to beat your personal best!

Try indoor cycling
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Ride in the virtual world
Grab your cowbell and casquette and get ready to be a part of cycling history! Starting July 4, watch three exciting weekends of world-class competition as your favourite pro teams and riders go head to head in the Virtual Tour de France! Witness history in the making as both men and women race identical stages and distances—in separate events—competing for individual and team points.
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Stay connected with friends
Now more than ever, it's important to stay connected with family and friends. FaceTiming, Zooming and Skyping have certainly kept us all sane during lockdown, helping us stay up-to-date with our nearest and dearest, although I don’t know about you but I am pleased to see the back of the family Zoom quizzes now! But what about you’re cycling buddies or your local cycling club? Surely they're off-limits at the moment? Well, maybe not. Apps like Zwift come with group ride options where you can take on the course together, with the option to chat and keep each other motivated.

Take some time for yourself
Staying on top of your fitness is important for your mental health, but taking some time to rest is too. This is an emotionally trying time for all sorts of reasons, so make sure you give yourself a moment to reflect. Consider working some meditation into your schedule or just taking things a little slower! It will help you clear your mind, relax and gear up for the next challenge, whatever form it might take.
Sporting Regards,
Sarah D