Power meter Hire

Curious to learn about your left-  right power distribution or just keen to try a set before buying - hire a set of power meter pedals

A new venture for the business this year, is the offer to rent out a power meter to enable you to take the next step in your training this season.  Training with power has significant advantages over training with a Hear Rate Monitor (HRM).

Using power is a great way of measuring what is actually happening at that moment in time.  Power produced in its simplest terms means what is been pushed through the pedals, anytime, anywhere.  Unlike Heart Rate, which can be affected by a number of factors like stress (work & personal life), time of day, diet, caffeine and the list goes on. So you do literally get more bang for the buck.

Power meters come in various guises from pedal based, wheel based, crank arm based and indeed the full on chain set.  Making a purchase for a power meter is a serious investment; It will without a doubt, enhance your training so that you can achieve more effective training but lets be honest it can have a serious affect on your bank balance too.  

The idea behind Garmin’s pedal based power meter is to measure the power where it matters. Vector works by measuring the deflection in the pedal spindle as you pedal. Then by comparing the deflection to the factory-calibration, vector can determine how much force you apply to the pedals. The Vector system measures total power, left/right balance and cadence and if you already have a Garmin head unit such as the compatible Edge, Forerunner or Fenix, adding a Vector power meter will take your training to the next level



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